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What is Bat Around?

Bat Around™ is mixed reality “sporttainment” of hitting a live ball with on-screen results, inspired by some of the greatest hitters in MLB history.


Who created Bat Around™?

Bat Around was created by former MLB Manager Clint Hurdle (1,269 career MLB wins) and a group of former pro players with more than 25,000 professional hits. See the full list.


Where can I play?

Bat Around™ is in our beta phase of release. We are testing in select batting cage locations with a HitTrax machine. Times, costs, public access and availability will vary by facility. See the list of locations.


Are “rounds” the same as innings?

Kind of. We call them “rounds” as each one tests a different hitting skill. There aren’t always traditional strikes, balls or outs. In most cases, there are 6 hits per round. Our rounds include: 

  • Liñas

  • Around the World

  • Lunchbox

  • Laser Show

  • Gamer

  • Walk-Off


See the descriptions of each round.


What is Bat Around Metric or BAM™?

BAM™ is our proprietary metric and measures how successful you were at completing every task that Bat Around throws at you. It is our trademarked evaluation metric. Each round has a different skill and challenge, so you BAM™ measures overall hitting skills. Think of it like the decathlon of hitting a ball.


What are the points that appear on the screen after some hits? 

These points measure the quality of each hit. In this first beta version of the game, they are for fun. In future versions of the games these will be points to redeem toward awards and prizes.


How can I get Bat Around™ at my facility?

Reach out to us at to get on the waiting list for a larger-scale roll-out.


Do I need to create an account on the app to play? 

Yes, you will need an account to play. You can download the app in advance in the Apple Store or Google Play to create an account. Or, you can scan a QR code on-site at participating batting cages. Set-up takes just a few minutes and then you are ready to play. 


Is Bat Around™ on the HitTrax machine?

Yes, Bat Around is a partnership with HitTrax. However, Bat Around is only installed on a limited number of HitTrax machines currently while we are in our testing phase.


Can I connect my HitTrax account? 

Yes, you can link your HitTrax account as part of the sign-up.


Are there age restrictions? 

All ages are welcome, anyone under 13 will need to have a parent or guardian assist with the account creation.

Are there different skill levels? 

We believe hitting a ball is fun and enjoyable for all skill levels, even if you haven’t swung a bat before. We have settings for easy, medium and hard to suit your skill level. 


Do I have to hit off a pitching machine? 

We made the game flexible for any skill level and accessible for all, so you can hit off of live pitching, a pitching machine, front toss, soft toss or even off a batting tee.


Can I play as an individual or as a team? 

We structured the game so you can play solo, 1-on-1, 1-on-1-on-1, 2 v 2 or 3 v 3. You can create a team and name your team as well.


Do you have softball available? 

In Bat Around™ you can hit any type of ball, including a baseball or a softball. Softball specific stadiums are planned for the future.


How much does it cost? 

Playing Bat Around™ is free. Other costs may vary by local facility such as booking time in the batting cage.

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